Neo-Pagan, Gothic, Hail Satan - Rain Satan - Snow Satan ;)

I’m actually 5,7 thanks to the help of my lovely friend naughtylittlefangirl x)

Go follow her for all of your daily Hentai needs ;)
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Anonymous said: How tall are you?

I’m not 100% sure but I’m shorter than nearly all of my friends D:
If I had to guess though, I would say I am 5,3? 5,4? Idk somewhere round there ^.^


do this!

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When my period arrives unexpectedly
tattoos-lingerie-and-power said: I was in the shower, hot water running down my back, down my chest, down my hips and thighs, dripping down onto the floor. Steam rising and swirling around the me, and my thoughts began to wander... Imagining the steam parting as you draw the curtain and step in with me, naked and marvelous. The steam swirls around the soft curves of your thighs and breasts, a wry smile on your lovely lips...

No way :o
I don’t know whether to post the rest xD
Too good


my zodiac love match is Pisces

Mine is Gemini ^.^

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It’s a reblog sexy shit day for sure!
Anonymous said: Sex in public. turn on/turn off?experiences? desires?

It is a major turn on for me & my M also but unfortunately we live a state away from one another so we haven’t done it. Yet :3 My 2 main desires would have to be toilet sex and secret sex in the movies (foreplay is fine also)

omg :o
no-solace-to-be-found said: * Kinky message*

You’re too kind x)

All these followers & no kinky messages

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